Sunday, April 23, 2017

Ken Haar-Climate Change

Former Nebraska State Senator, Ken Harr spoke this afternoon at the Saint Andrews Episcopal Church at their Plant Sale-Earth Day event. Sen. Harr has just completed 2 terms in the Unicameral and was "Term Limited" out. He established a formidable record while in the Legislature with his interest in the Environment. His subject today was; "Climate Change 101". His presentation along with "hand-outs" made a strong case for the fact that Scientific Data supports man-made Climate Change. He advocates our need in Nebraska to develop an Action Plan to guide us in working toward a more sustainable future. While I followed and supported his positions during the time he was in the Legislature, this was my first opportunity to visit with him. He lives in the Branched Oak neighborhood and mentioned early in his presentation that he spent a lot of time with Grandparents in Garland, NE, as a youngster. I could hardly wait to ask him who they were and found out that his Grandfather was Herman Buls, the Rural Mail Carrier out of Garland. His Mother was one of the "Buls" girls and her brother Al was in High School with my brother Don. The Garland Connection just adds further support for the positions on Climate Change that he advocates.

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