Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tony & Elaine on Holiday

I pulled out our "Picture Index, 3-ring Binder" the other day and realized we hadn't brought it up to date since 2013. After naps on this cool, cloudy day, we began the updating process by working on 2014. This is one of the pictures from May, and was listed as: "Tony and Elaine with shirt tails out". I checked my Journal and found it was Memorial Day and we were enjoying the sunny day. The picture helps us realize we have both aged during the past 3 years. It is what I told our family Doctor this morning, when I had a "pre-op" exam for eye lid surgery scheduled for next week at Bryan.
They drew blood for various tests, did chest x-rays and a chest EKG. I haven't seen the results of any of these tests but felt pretty good about the conversation involved. My shortness of breath and weakness seems to be my most concerning issues. I am looking forward to getting this "out-patient" surgery taken care of so I can get back to my nightly Aleve which relieves the pain in my right shoulder and helps me sleep. We have both enjoyed very good health over the years; as we enter these advanced years, shouldn't expect to be able to do all the things we were able to do 50 years ago or even 3 years ago. Tomorrow we will continue our photo indexing and enjoy seeing some of the pictures as we go along. Elaine sets at the computer entering the data that I dictate to her. She hasn't lost any of those typing skills.

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