Thursday, April 6, 2017

Solar Eclipse

With enthusiasm building for the Solar Eclipse coming up on August 21st this simmer, I dug out this picture taken on March 1, 1970. It was at the back door of our house in Arlington, Virginia. We placed binoculars in a shoe box and aligned it so the image of the eclipse was projected on the back of the box. I noted in my Diary that "we had a 95% eclipse maximum during the 1:00-3:00pm time frame. Since taking pictures was more costly in those days, this is the only one we have. As I understand, our duration of totality here in Seward on August 21 will only be for some 1minute and 34 seconds. I will set up a similar system to view this one but will plan to take many more digital pictures. Here is some interesting information on that earlier eclipse.

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