Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grocery Shopping

We bought groceries this afternoon at our local family Pac-n-Sav store. We are still getting use to having an Ace Hardware Store section in what was all grocery store for many years. We also noticed the lighting in the store being much brighter and had heard they were installing a new "energy saving" lighting system. We are very conservative buyers and usually watch for the bargains. We also check the ticket when we get home and today found a $9.29 item listed as NSCFE TC HSE. The total order amounted to $93.41 and as we un-bagged the groceries on the kitchen counter, realized that the "Mystery Item" was a 7 oz jar of Nescafe, Taster's Choice instant coffee. Elaine said it was a bargain and often cost over $10.00. It's an item that Elaine puts in the cart, and I just didn't realize what it cost. On the other hand we got some bargains like 2 roasting ears for $1 and 80% lean hamburger for  $1.99/pound. It wasn't even marked for "Quick Sale" but tasted good as we had a big burger for supper and topped it off with a Jelly Kolache. Those of us who grew-up during "hard times" need at least 2 bargains to offset something costing more than we expect.

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