Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day 1990

On Sunday, April 22, 1990 we dedicated the D. E. Hutchinson Prairie at the Soil and Water Conservation Society Headquarters at Ankeny, Iowa. "Hutch" is shown here behind the mike with his wife, Francis to his right. I am to his left along with Alice Jones, Rich Duesterhaus and Bill Brune, SWCS Board Members. I was serving as Executive VP at the time. Hutch was an early leader of the Society and when several acres of land were acquired to build a Headquarters office, he was instrumental in the re-establishment of Native Grasses on a large portion of it as show in the background of the second picture.
Several members of the Hutchinson Falmily were able to attend along with a group of some 75 conservationists. Marlin Edwards of Pioneer Hybrid gave the main presentation, Rich Duesterhaus, Society President, and Chuck McLaughlin spoke for the Iowa Chapter. Bill Ferris planted a tree as a part of the Earth Day Festivities. Wayne Pritchard, the original Executive President, called me that evening and was most pleased with the event. I read the "Thank You" from the Hutchinson's this afternoon and am pleased with the accompolishment.

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