Monday, April 10, 2017

Busy Day, Locally & Nationally

We enjoyed seeing Sergio Garcia on the CBS morning show with David Rose this morning, going over some of the Highlights of the Masters Golf Tournament yesterday and seeing a replay of his getting "cloaked" with a Green Jacket by Danny Willett, last year's Champion. It was also interesting reading the newspaper accounts of yesterdays event and even the listing of pay-outs. Garcia received $1,980,000. in addition to the Jacket. Justin Rose got $1,188,000. Even Phil Mickelson who finished 11 strokes behind the winner, received $105,600. 
I came home from coffee early to be ready for Carolyn to pick up Elaine and I in her new Subaru SUV and take us to our Eye Doctor in Lincoln for appointments. Dr. Mousolf gave Elaine a new eye-drop prescription and scheduled me for out-patient surgery on the lower eye lid of my left eye.
 We stopped at the Super Saver on the way home and did a bit of shopping. We could have gone on our own since neither of us had our eyes dilated, but it is so much more relaxing just to be able to ride along in a nice new car with Carolyn doing the driving.
This evening we watched a PBS program of the Justice Gorsuch swearing in to the Supreme Court by Justice Kennedy. Mrs. Gorsuch is shown holding the Holy Bible and President Trump is in the background. He did a good job moderating the session in the White House Rose Garden with an audience of all Supreme Court Justices, etc.

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