Friday, April 28, 2017

Calendar Pictures and Memories

This Grand Canyon National Park picture came from a 2016 Calendar. We never throw them away at the end of the year with Elaine keeping the one from the kitchen "forever", where she keeps track of things. There was a time when I would frame some of them, as well as old Ads, and sell them on eBay or Garage sales. While fighting a cold that kept me from going to coffee this morning, it seems like a good day to get rid of some of our "stuff". These old Calendars became the victims.  This picture of the 1966 Chevrolet Corvette was one of my favorites. What makes it more amazing is
 that it was produced over 50 years ago. In my opinion, it is more attractive than today's models. The Grand Tetons have long been among my favorites.  My first view of the Tetons was when my Brother Don, 3 neighbor boys and I dove Sister Vivian's Model A Ford out through the Bad Lands, Black Hills, Yellowstone Park, the Tetons, and back to Burwell, NE for their Rodeo. It was a great trip and a real "eye-opener" for 5 farm boys that had never been very far from home.  Playing with these Calendar pictures and bringing back happy memories on this cold, rainy day, help me feel better than the pills I've taken.

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