Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Family Reunions

This was the Florence and Tony Vrana Family Reunion out at our farm, east of Seward, during the summer of 1985. It probably has more "faces" showing than any of our Reunion pictures. It was a "professional" picture which may have helped. We had a big time that day with softball, horse shoes, and got a new swing set/slide put together for the event. There may have even been a little fishing. The end of August is rapidly approaching when we will again get together at Mahoney State Park. I hope we have as good a "turnout" this summer as we had those 32 years ago. The old "lumber-wagon" in our yard provided an ideal "standard" for people to stand in and be seen in the picture. We have rooms rented in the Lodge at Mahoney for Saturday and Sunday evenings. Carolyn is planning to drive us up on Saturday morning. It is ideal that Janice has rented the Nebraska Room for both Saturday and Sunday,  near the Cafeteria in the Lodge, where we can "congregate" and all eat together there on Sunday noon. I noted in reviewing information this evening, that Check-in begins at 4:00pm and Check out is no later than 11:00 am. We also noted that a 2-night reservation is necessary for week-end rooms. While their are many recreational activities available at the Park, some of us Senior members are looking forward to doing a lot of visiting with Family

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