Monday, April 17, 2017

Four Years in Lincoln

We often drive past the house at 6515 Hartley St. in Lincoln where we lived from 1958-'62. We didn't realize at the time we bought the house just how well it fit our needs. We were less than a block from Pershing Elementary where all 4 kids attended during the years we lived there. We had "home town neighbors" next door where Carolyn found a "best friend", the boys were in Cub Scouts and Verlon and Tim played Little League baseball. My sister Janice and Larry lived just a few blocks away and she did some child care while Elaine worked at Banker's Life. An SCS friend who lived in the area, and I car pooled to work during the full time. They had 3 boys, and we even went to Kansas City to a Ball Game. We were very active in Church and Sunday School with Elaine teaching during much of the time we were there. We had our 160 acre Seward County farm that we bought in 1956, had seeded it to Native Grass and put it in the Soil Bank Program. 
It was only about 20 miles from our house to the farm. and we often went out on Saturdays & planted trees, multiflora rose, etc. Verlon and I walked over the farm and saw the trees a few years ago
Looking at these pictures, makes me wonder how we were able to dress the kids as well as they were when our income was certainly limited. Elaine's Mother working at Seward Dry Goods might have helped a bit. There was also a lot of "hand-me-downing". Elaine
did a lot of sewing which was also a factor. We didn't spend much eating out but an occasional meal at Tastee-In-'n-Out was a real treat. I continued to do some work with Nebraska Nursery, but it was mostly balling and planting trees and shrubs in our own yard. Elaine and I booth took college courses during those 4 years. I had completed all the prerequisites for entry into the College of Engineering before learning that my career was going to take me into management. It was a busy time, and I hope we didn't slight our "child rearing responsibilities".

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