Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Colorful Elaine and VW

Here is Elaine at the back of our house in Arlington, VA. The Rowanna was brought back from Columbia, South America, by her Folks after visiting their son, Dale and family. I'm not sure where the "hair-do" came from, other than the local beauty shop. In actuality, it all fits together very well to present the picture of a beautiful young woman standing by our new Volkswagen Beetle. The colors blend beautifully. We bought the "Bug" at the time our kids were approaching the time of learning to drive. I believe all 4 of them took Driver Training in High School  with it. It was all "stick shift" with a clutch and ideal machine to learn to drive. Especially when living where we did in the midst of a metropolitan area. It turned out to be one of our best vehicle buys. In addition to our and the Kids use of it in Arlington, we gave it to Jon at the time he and Mary got married. After a few years, they gave it back to us to tow behind our Motor Home. We had it restored and got a lot of use out of it by being able to explore the area where we parked the Motor Home. After selling the Motor Home we sold the VW for nearly twice what we paid for it, 20 years earlier. But, the amount we spent on the restoration took care of any "capitol gain".

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