Monday, April 24, 2017

Jack & Kiwanis

Jack and I planted the Thunbergia (Vining Black Eyed Susan) plant this morning that we bought yesterday at St. Andrews Episcopal Church plant sale. He helped with the "back fill" after I dug the hole and got the plant in place. He was in charge of the watering with me on the faucet. He took the hose on over to the Bird Waterier, filled it, and told me to "shut it off". The trellis with Chicken wire (that doesn't show) was set up last year when we were not very successful with tomatoes. We have had the Black Eyed Susan Vines in past years which bloomed all summer and fall. After all of our yard work, we sat down to rest a bit and watched some Dinosaur Train. I needed to "rest up" prior to going to Kiwanis. Marv Taylor told of the 7-hour test he went through to retain his driver's licence after having a recent accident and how the experience  better qualified him to serve as AARP Senior Driver Instructor in SE Nebraska. 
Ralph Hansen reported on a Kiwanis Nebr-Iowa District, mid-year meeting he and Marv attended in Council Bluffs, IA. In an earlier Career, Ralph had responsibility for taking notes at meetings and reporting back to headquarters. He hasn't lost any of his ability to cover the details and also report on the "climate" of the meeting. Our Kiwanis International President, Jane Erickson of Blair, NE, was in Tanzania and unable to attend. He said the meeting was conducted with significant changes. While we have been very successful with recent International projects, there are still pledges to be honored. His report on membership was challenging as we look at declining numbers and increasing average age.

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