Thursday, April 20, 2017

Siblings at the Windmill

This picture was taken in the fall of 2003 at the Vrana farm where Janice and Jerry were born and all of us enjoyed some formative years. Our all being there was prompted by Jerry wanting to make sure that his Grandchildren could see the place where he was born. I called this place home for only 14 years but there were many changes that took place during those relatively few years. It is ironic that the picture was taken about 14 years ago. 
The above picture was taken next to the windmill which serves as a landmark since all the buildings have been removed over the years.  The windmill and a Walnut tree that I remember as a kid, together are all that's left of the farmstead as we knew it. I must confess to having picked up part of one of the blades that fell off the wheel. It brings back many memories. It sets over a new well dug in the late '30's and about 80' east of the old one. We also got a new wheel when the windmill was moved over the new well. I have a "distinct memory" of milking a cow out in the corral when Uncle Bill Thompson's were visiting us. Bill was out in the corral visiting with us and commented on the "new Dempster Wheel". I also have a couple pictures that were taken with my first little 620 Kodak Camera by climbing up near the top of the windmill. While these "snapshot memories" are interesting, they are but a page or two out of the book of memories that each of us have of our siblings. When Jack sets on my lap to eat ice cream like he did today after lunch, I wonder what memories are getting stored in that fresh brain of his. He has no problem remembering where the Cherry Pie is located in the refrigerator.

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