Monday, March 7, 2016

Travelogue with Sausage

Club member Louis presented  the program this noon at Kiwanis on a tour of Turkey which he went on during late 2014. Kelsey helped him with the pictures. Much of what the tour covered was the Roman ruins and restoration dating back to biblical times. Louis is a Librarian by profession and spent a major part of his career at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He became fascinated with Czechoslovakia years ago after a visit to that Country and also leaned that he had some Czech ancestors. He is currently studying the language at UN-L,
We had an excellent meeting. It included an excellent chicken dinner with blueberry pie, the welcoming back of Brady,  and the report of a lot of "good news".  We had a special treat of several different varieties of sausage provided by Dave. They were numbered and we were asked to indicate our choice. Though they all had some pork, the full contents of 3-4 were listed as "unknown". It turned out that the "unknowns" were made from Raccoon, Possum and Canada Goose. The Raccoon got several 1st place votes. 
President Josh had to stop  questions to Louis so we could get the results of the sausage survey.

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