Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sadie and Jack

Sadie and Jack spent some time with us today. Sadie came down to my office on the lower level where I was watching Duke beat Yale and also doing some work on income tax. She asked me what I called my office, and I suggested it was my "Man Cave". I asked her what she would call it and expected it to be something like "Library" or "office" but she called it "gunk". We had a good visit but when I couldn't get the radio turned on and tuned in as quickly as she knew her Daddy or Mommy could, she walked away and went upstairs. I came up too to tell Elaine that Duke blew a 27 point lead but beat Yale 71-64. Yale was within 5 points with about a minute to go. Jack enjoyed many things at our house but stacking blocks is a favorite. He seems to have excellent hand/eye coordination. He got it this high but trying to add the next one took it down. I think it may have been because of using both hands. I try to teach him something every time he visits and tonight, I taught him how to drink the pear juice out of the dish when the pears were all gone. It's amazing how quickly he catches on to everything.

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