Sunday, March 13, 2016

Spring Forward

Elaine and I have been advocates of having daylight savings time throughout the year. This position was further strengthened this morning as we "sprang forward". Some of our electronic equipment adjust automatically, other items involve just a twist of the stem or a push of the button. However, the big job is adjusting this kitchen clock. Thank goodness that Carolyn gave Elaine a Kitchen 2-step, folding ladder with a handle on which to hold for stability. As I took the clock down this morning to reset, I inadvertently broke off the little "hook" on the back of its mechanism that attached to the wall hanger. I was able to improvise a new hook with thin wire and got it hung back up and properly adjusted. It's a reminder of how even simple tasks grow logarithmically in magnitude with advancing age. As difficult as it is to make these mechanical adjustments, there is no way that we can adjust our circadian rhythms other than time. It usually takes us 3-4 days. With all the promises that we have heard from the Presidential candidates, not one has mentioned their position on daylight saving time.

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