Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Fun Morning with Jack

Jack got to ride his Rocking Horse this morning for the first time. He didn't exactly fall in love with it but I believe it will grow on him. What he liked best about it was when I took hold of one of the handles and rocked him vigorously while singing "Pony Boy". Elaine had him at the kitchen window watching the birds in the back yard and of their activity around the feeder. I hope that by the time he starts to school, he will be able to identify many of our common birds. As much as my Dad enjoyed birds and could imitate their calls, he never passed on to me the interest in being able to identify very many of them. Soon after we came back to Nebraska, Dad and I were working out in the farmyard when he answered a bird call. We couldn't see the bird and I asked him what species it was. I don't know when Dad was ever more embarrassed by my ignorance than when he had to tell me it was a Cardinal. Jack has a great memory and when he saw our Piggy Bank, he remembered how much fun it was to put coins in the slot. This bank has a bottom opening where coins can be removed.
I opened it up and got several coins which he put in the slot one at a time. After a bit of that he would take several and take one from his left hand and drop it in with his right. It wasn't always perfect. He would drop some occasionally, and even tried to put in more than one, but he learned. At this stage he doesn't make any distinction between penny's and nickel's but the brighter color of the silver coins are most favored by him. After first holding the pig on my knee, we moved it over to the back of the Rocking Horse which I thought might increase his affection for it. We had a great morning.

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