Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nebraska March Weather.

Our weather in Nebraska today is  typical of what can only occur during the Month of March. This weather map shows the variation from blizzard warning to winter weather advisory. The forecast for our area in southeastern Nebraska was rain this afternoon and possible snow tonight. We had heavy clouds and wind all day but when we left Lincoln about 3:00pm and headed toward Seward, the sun was shining brightly. Seward is only 25  miles west of Lincoln but it had changed when we got here. 
The birds were also forecasting a change in the weather by their amount of activity around the feeder. We did have a few sprinkles but no rain of any significance. The 6:00pm weather map also shows a Tornado watch area in southeastern Nebraska. Fortunately, we in Seward County are just west of the "yellow" area and are east of the major snow area . At one time this evening, there was a 50 degree variation in temperature within the State. The Annual 2-day Bee Auction will be this Friday and Saturday. The weather should be cleared out by then and there will be some bargains.

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