Friday, March 25, 2016

Annual Bee Auction and Lawn Care

When I got home from downtown morning coffee, Elaine suggested we take the Easter Lily up to the Church. We went on to the northeast part of town where a couple new housing developments are underway. Since the Annual Bee Auction was scheduled for today and tomorrow, we drove on up past the old Flowerday farm to Bee. (The auction has been held on the last weekend in March for nearly 50 years) It has a lot of memories for us.
It was at the Bee Auction back in the early '80's that I bought the 720 JD Diesel tractor as well as several pieces of machinery. I even bought a small motorcycle there at one time. It has the same benefit for farmers that the Seward Clean-up Day has for the rest of us. The Auction is an ideal way for farmers to "get rid of" old farm items that they no longer use. There were many old pickups, van's, etc. today but very few farm tractors. Since there is rain forecast for tomorrow, we took advantage of the opportunity to spread some 13 13 13 on our lawn. I'm shown doing it the hard way since having sold my little spreader on a yard sale some years ago when we were having all applications done commercially with an annual contract. We enjoy our yard and appreciate a nice lawn but our standards are not as high as what my Dad's were after they moved to town. I'm reminded of an occasion when Cousin Ted and his wife stopped by the folk's place when we were there, and he picked up a leaf from the street and dropped it on Dad's lawn since he said, "No one should have a lawn that perfect".

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