Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Story at Kiwanis

The Spiritual Aims committee of our Kiwanis Club presented an excellent Easter program today. Shown here is Art, who wrote the script, Courtney, Jack and Andrew who played his Guitar and lead the singing of Easter Hymns. The script told an interesting story and gave examples of how we can usually identify winners and losers, but not always. Sometimes, there are losers without any real winners. 
While it could be said that death is a winner but as we consider Jesus death on the cross and his Resurrection, the winner of "death was swallowed up in victory." Most of us have grown-up with the Easter story of Christ's Resurrection but telling it by making comparisons to winners and losers was new to me. In these days of basketball "March Madness" it was particularly apropos.  Marv and John are on the lower picture. John gave the benediction.

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