Thursday, March 17, 2016

Irish Heritage on St. Patrick's Day

Brother Don and Gladys came up from Syracuse, NE this St. Patrick's to visit and have a Corned Beef and Cabbage lunch with us. Don went to coffee with me as the ladies visited here at the house. After lunch we took a tour of the City and of all the changes that have taken place since they moved from the area many years ago. In recognition of St. Patrick's Day, Elaine took this picture of Don and I at the Chris Turner house.
Great Grandparents, Chris and Matilda came from Ireland in the early 1860's and settled in Illinois. He fought with the Union Army in the Civil was and then came to Seward. He was a brick layer by profession and built this house a few years later than Don and I stood in front of this morning. Our Mother is the little girl standing near the front door of the next 1907 picture. The next picture is of the Walker kids with the Donkey and buggy on Roberts street which also shows the same big house behind the trees in the background. Mother is sitting on the Donkey along with her smaller cousin. We always acknowledge our 1/4 Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day and it blends well with our 1/2 Czech, a bit of German and Grandpa Walker would pat his tummy and say he also had a little Scotch in him.

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