Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Medical Information'

We were up early this morning for Carolyn to take us to the Eye Institute on South 70th street in Lincoln to have the bandage removed after yesterday's cataract surgery on my left eye. According to Dr. Linder, everything looked good. After the bandage had been removed, eye drops applied, and certain tests performed, I was left alone in the room for a few minutes awaiting Dr. Linder's arrival. I noticed this Monitor and recognized my picture. Then, without reading it, could see that it was the "full story" on my surgeries and all the data and observations that went with it.This was all "pulled up" and available for the Doctor as he walked into the room to examine and visit with me. What a fantastic way of making information available. While the portal is available for me to view, I haven't established my "account" since it's a bit complicated and will wait until my eyes "heal". It was interesting how much redundancy there was to assure the correct eye was identified throughout the process. I mentioned that at coffee and one of the fellows told of having a pair of trousers shortened by a family member and she made the mistake of shortening the same pant leg twice. Mistakes do happen and we've all heard stories of serious  medical mistakes when identification was lacking.

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