Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday and March Madness

We went to the 8:30am Easter Services at Church this morning. It was good to see the sanctuary filled for the early service. Since there was no "social hour" we came home for coffee, rolls and reading the newspapers. Then we went out to Owenses for Easter Dinner. Sadie and Jack were standing at the glass storm door to welcome us. They were in good spirits with the Easter Bunny having been there. Included in each of their baskets was even some plastic eggs with jelly beans inside. We took out "Lil Red" for Jack and the "Snow" Beanie Baby for Sadie.
After eating, we enjoyed seeing some pictures on their TV screen, of their recent trip. They were most interesting but after getting up early, the need for my afternoon nap became apparent. After getting home and enjoying that nap, I did some editing on "My Career with the Soil Conservation Service".  Elaine and I also did some more sorting and "putting away" of the things I bought at the auction yesterday. So far, Elaine has resisted the temptation to start working on one of the jigsaw puzzles. We were shocked to see #10 Syracuse overcome a Virginia 17 point lead and beat another #1 seed out of the Final Four. We have yet to see the final of the #1 North Carolina vs #6 Notre Dame game in Philadelphia. Us oldtime basketball players continue to marvel and continuing evolution of the game. Strenght has become as important as skill.

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