Friday, March 11, 2016

Last of First Impressions

I went down to the Civic Center this morning thinking others may show up for a 1st Impressions meeting even though we all had calls to the effect that the committee "was under new management". The Seward Area Chamber and the Seward County Economic Development have merged and named a new head of the combined organization. I understand that an assistant will be hired and may provide a linkage between the committee and the new organization. I visited with Sue this morning who has applied for the job.
She indicated that plans are underway for the City Cleanup Day on April 23rd which our group handled previously. And, she said the committee may be reconstituted after the new hire is made. At this stage, all I can do is wish the new organization well. I hope we don't have to end up paying someone to do what has been done by volunteers in the past. We accomplished several notable projects during the 20+ years of our existence. One of the most significant is the Heritage Park monument to Robert Gale, the first homesteader in Seward County.

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