Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pony Boy

Among Jack's activities at our house today was taking this "selfie" with the laptop. He has caught on quickly that if we have Photo Booth open, the cursor on the red dot, that all he has to do is touch thea pad. It clicks and a picture is shown. After eating some pears, he drank the juice out of the dish again today to make sure he doesn't forget how that's done. One of the lessons today was turning the lid on an empty peanut container. I showed him how it was done but instead of doing it the conventional way, he held the lid still and turned the container. We also played "chase the ball" and while he can throw with either hand, on one occasion, he moved the ball from his left hand to his right before throwing it. His biggest laugh of the day came while playing, "Pony Boy".  I learned in checking on the words, that the song and words were written back in 1909. The part that brought out the big "tooth showing" laugh, was the big kick on "Whooooa", my Pony Boy.

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