Thursday, March 10, 2016

Presidential Debates and Fear

We are watching the Republican Presidential debate from Miami this evening and pleased to see that the candidates are conducting themselves in a more civilized manner. This is the last such debate before the several critical elections next week. Florida is one of those "winner take all" states. It is critical time for Senator Rubio where he needs to do well to stay viable. The same can be said for Governor Kasich with Ohio holding it's "winner take all'' primary. The discussion between Trump and Rubio on Muslims was quite heated but Kasich always seems to take a reasonable position on such issues.  One of my friends has been attending a series of  sessions held at Concordia on Islam and the Muslim religion.
While these weekly educational sessions were scheduled for 5 weeks they have been expanded to 7 because of public interest. They are conducted by a Medical Doctor from Omaha who was raised in the middle east as a Muslim but converted to Christianity as an adult. He came to this country to escape the wrath of his own family. It is supposedly only a coincidence that these sessions are taking place at the same time as the presidential campaign. However, I have heard other people who have attended the sessions say his information has certainly raised their level of concern of Muslims. One fellow reported that his wife who had been a  supporter of Clinton had switched to supporting Trump after hearing the speaker only once.  That sort of influence is concerning.

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