Friday, March 4, 2016

Pictures and Politics

Elaine has had a bad cold and cough over the past few days with a lot of time in bed. Carolyn brought down some picture albums today for us to enjoy since we weren't able to have Jack with us this week. We got Elaine over to see Dr. Summa and to get a prescription from Mueri's. She seems to be feeling a bit better by tonight but still coughing. NET has a musical program of music from the 50's and 60's which we are watching. It is a nice break from watching the political news though it was interesting to see the long lines of young people, going to hear former president Clinton. 
I got a hair cut this morning and when Bob and I were the only ones there, asked his poll of people passing through his shop, on their opinion of Donald Trump. He confirmed what is being said in the media that people are disgusted with government and want change. After some visiting, we agreed that change isn't always positive--it also has the potential to be negative, and often is. My career in natural resource conservation taught me that significant changes are not made overnight or in a year or two. But rather by making positive, incremental change. We need politicians who are willing to think in terms of "whats good for the country" instead of their re-election, party and lobbyist position and of those that finance them.  Campaign finance change during the past few years is a prime example of negative change to our democratic form of government. Tim called this evening on his birthday, and we had a good visit.

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