Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Busy Day with Jack, etc.

Jack was here this morning and had lunch with us. He had 2 small sandwiches, some orange, pears and cookie. He drank milk, pear juice and water. He sat on my lap through most of this and ended up with a wet shirt. Before leaving to go home, he got changed into this colorful outfit in preparation for his afternoon nap. While eating is very important to him, going down to the lower level and "dancing" to polka music and playing with model trucks is great fun. It starts by going down the stops on his stomach. We had an extra large number of birds at our feeder and in the back yard which he also enjoyed watching. We bought an Easter Lily earlier this week that we will take up to the Church for Sunday in memory of my Mother and Dad. There is always a large number of them on display. They have a special rack that presents them in a large cone shape.
We have enjoyed it on our piano and elsewhere as the blooms have opened. One of my "planned" projects for the day was getting my "mail order" prescriptions filled. I was well into when it was pointed out to me that the prescription needed to be renewed. I went over to the Clinic and began the process. While the new addition to the hospital has been open for some months, I never had been able to get a good picture of it. Since it was mid afternoon on a cool but sunny day, it seemed a good chance to get that picture. I had taken a series of pictures during the construction and needed this one to show the final product. 

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