Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Big Grin of Satisfaction

Here is how Carolyn, Elaine and I looked this at 7:45am this morning down at the Eye Institute for my post-op and bandage removal. We learned the regimen for eye drops and had a favorable report from Dr. Linder. I couldn't believe the difference of color and brightness between my two eyes. The wall of the examining room was white with my right eye and looked the color of old newspaper (yellow) with my left. I get the same contrast looking at our back yard. Our white garage doors were never whiter than when I look at them with my left eye closed. We have a "score sheet" to keep track of the regimen for eye drops since it involves 2 different ones being applied 4 times a day for this first week and then tapering down to 3 times for a week, 2, and then once a day on that 4th week. I drove this afternoon as we went down for groceries and could see much better. My driver's license is due for renewal this summer and wonder what restrictions it may have had without having had this and the next surgery.

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