Saturday, March 26, 2016

Max Farney Auction

The Max Farney estate Auction was held today at the Ag Pavilion with Schweitzer Auctioneers. Max had a tremendous collection of guns as well as a lot of other memorabilia. We have talked about a little horse of some kind for Jack to ride when he comes to visit & thought this one would work. I got a picture of it when I went down this morning and Elaine liked it, so I went back down after lunch to see it sell. I ended up with it for a reasonable price but it was next to the last item sold. Meanwhile, I bought a box of several unopened Jigsaw puzzles for Elaine, some toys for the kids and a couple boxes of Nebraska Husker memorabilia. The boxes included Beanie Babies of some of the Husker football players.
Included are #7 Scott Frost, #60 Tom Novak, #30 Mike Rozier and #12 Jarvis Redwine. We never got caught up in the Beanie Baby craze when it struck some 25-30 years ago, but I couldn't resist bidding when Tom Novak was included. Tom was an All-American in 1949. He was married, had a family and lived in the same Lincoln neighborhood as we did in the late '50's. Our boys were in the same Cub Scout Club, played on the same little league baseball and flag football teams. We took our boys to a Husker basketball game one night after Scouts. As we entered the old Coliseum, I offered to buy the tickets and Tom said, "We don't need tickets, just follow me". I wasn't used to going somewhere with a celebrity.

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