Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Two Kids in a Tub

It was obviously a hot day during the summer of 1929. I would have been 4 and Vivian 5 and a half. I have no memory of the picture but it would have been taken in our front yard on West Moffitt St. in Seward. The Pearl Alley house is visible between our heads. The buildings beyond the clothesline post are in the area where the first Hughes Brothers Plant was located. Today the Plant covers the entire area in the picture and beyond. The railroad track was just a short distance to the west of the tub. Our granddaughter Julie and her husband John are building a new house here in Seward. Dirt is being hauled into their yard from an area down at the Plant where black soil was stockpiled. While up looking at the progress on the house this afternoon, I picked up a rusty old railroad spike that likely was hauled up from the Plant area with the dirt. It would be interesting to know how close that spike may have been used originally to where these two kids were pictured in the washtub.

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