Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Nagging Cold

I went through the winter without a whimper of a cold but it has caught up with me the past few days. I have been on these Alka-Seltzer Plus yesterday and today and hope to feel better by tomorrow. Elaine would say I shouldn't have gone to the golf course when it was so chilly and windy and she is probably right. I must admit that when we had 2 holes to go this afternoon, I told Charlie that I wished we were on the last hole instead. A person shouldn't play golf when they look forward to being finished. We went to an old friend's funeral this morning which is also a bit depressing. We had known each other since being teenagers and had even run-around-together a bit. In adult life we socialized and belonged to some of the same organizations. He was a very successful farmer and livestock feeder. And, was well respected in the community. Tomorrow is Easter and we will be with family, it will be a better day. 

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