Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer of '48

They aerated the Greens at the Golf Course today so it was another day without a game. So, we spent some time on our project of collecting pictures which will eventually be put on DVDs. It is an interesting way for Elaine and I to rekindle old memories as we collect, scan, and title the pictures. Hopefully, they will also bring pleasure and amusement to future generations. This picture of Elaine with her dog, Fluffy, was taken during the summer of '48. It was about this time that we began to take our relationship seriously. From her position as Secretary for the County Extension Agent, she had  been instrumental in helping me get a job with the Soil Conservation Service.  Though we grew up about 6 miles apart , we never crossed paths until Elaine was 16 years old. She was a Senior in HS and her brother introduced us at a dance. It was probably fortuitous that we didn't know each other sooner. Being 5 years older than Elaine, had I know her earlier, I would have thought of her as Dale's "little sister".  By the summer of '48, when she was 17 going of 18, she had matured into a very attractive young lady. I was as attentive to her as Fluffy, and the rest of the story is still unfolding. 

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