Thursday, April 19, 2012

Congressman Justin Morrill 1862

While in Lincoln yesterday, we stopped at the Computer World shop where Mike helped me download Flash Player. It enabled us to see son Jon's 10 minute version of his historic rendition of Congressman Justin Morrill of Vermont speaking on the virtues of establishing a Cabinet level position to promote Agricultural Education. It was the Congressman's efforts which led to the 1862 signing of the Morrill act which established the Land Grant College system. The US Department of Agriculture was also established at that time largely through his efforts. Jon has been involved in Civil War reenactments and the impersonating of Col. Silas Burke, of that era, for the last couple years. Elaine and I enjoyed watching the 10 minutes of his presentation. Her comment was that "Jon would make a good politician"  but we agreed it was probably better to impersonate a potitician who had a successful idea 150 years ago than to face the problems of today. We are proud of him whatever.  

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