Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flowerday Kids in 1935

Three inches of rain yesterday and last night prevented my playing any golf today so we started a project. Some years ago I put together some 100 pictures on a DVD of my "youth". It includes the early years in Seward and on up to the time Elaine and I were married. It seemed only appropriate to do something similar for Elaine. This is one of several pictures we scanned this afternoon and placed in a computer folder where more will be collected. Elaine says this was the year that she started to country school. Brother Dale is petting a couple pups and Brother Bill is all set with his book and lunch pail. Old June (The horse) gave way to a Dapple Gray "Pet" that Elaine rode to Seward for Confirmation classes. The old '27 Chevy was replaced by "The Yellow Wheeled Chevy" which we believe to have been a '32 Model. The DVD project will take some time to complete but the process of working on it will be interesting. It has already prompted some stories that I hadn't heard before. Living during the Drought and Depression of the 1930's wasn't easy. But, many of us agree that "though we were poor, we had very rich childhoods".

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