Sunday, April 22, 2012

Proposed Church Improvements

We went to early Church this morning. Following the 8:15 Service, members of the Building Committee were available to discuss proposed plans for improvements. The current facility includes that portion to the left (north) of the sidewalk leading in from the street. The portion to the right along with the parking lot show in gray would be new. The Clark Enerson Partners, Architects from Lincoln developed the plans. Phase 1 (of the 6 phase project) will include a new 450 seat Nave with dedicated areas for Choir, Hand bells & Praise Team, the new parking area and related changes. The seating arraignment in the new Nave will be more "curved" in the older Methodist tradition. The current Manse sits on the lot that the new addition and parking lot will occupy. It will need to be removed. The project carries a pretty hefty price tag but as one person said, "We have the money, the only problem is that it's still in the accounts of the parishioners".

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