Monday, April 23, 2012

Jim Daws, President of Daws Trucking was our program at Kiwanis this noon. Lana, his wife and Principal of the Seward Elementary School is a member of Kiwanis and was there for moral support. Pictured is an example of the many "oversized" items that the company transports. This is a "press box" which was "factory produced" in western Nebraska. Mr. Daws said they have delivered these all over the United States. One of their big items is transporting Center Pivot Irrigation equipment throughout U.S. but also to Ocean Port cities where they are shipped elsewhere in the world. The Company is used to haul railroad cars that are damaged by accidents. They are loaded on oversized trailers and hauled to locations for restoration. While Jim has been involved as an "over-the-road" driver since highschool, the current business was begun in 1994. It is now approaching a 20 million dollar annual level of business with 75 trucks and some 90 employees. Jim says the secret of their success has been the service they provide. His employees are their best recruiters and current customers their best new business recruiters. It's great to hear success stories in these difficult times.

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