Saturday, April 21, 2012


This was Seward's Annual Clean-up Day. After Elaine and I turned in an old TV, we went to a huge estate Auction down at the Ag Pavilion. It was the largest collection of "collectibles" we had ever seen. Elaine is looking at a Barbie Doll from one of 3 tables where they were displayed. We estimated there were over 150 of them.  There were large numbers of belt buckles, yard sticks, ash trays, baseball caps and above all glass milk bottles. The Auctioneers sold out of 2 rings for much of the day. The "stuff" was in very good condition and brought good prices. We didn't know the people who collected all of these many things but understand they lived during the drought and depression days of the 1930's when we didn't throw away anything. They must also have had storage facilities and some "financial where-with-all" in order to have obtained so many things. It is interesting that many of the lucky bidders were of an age that they may have used or played with some of these things when they were kids. They were not bidding on items as much as memories. 

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