Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Weather Station

We had rain today. The first in some time. We needed it. My two  rain gauges showed close to 0.40 inches. The high temperature for the day was not much over 50 degrees. It was not a day for golfing but a "day off" was welcomed. The picture which shows my "Weather Station" is just off our backyard deck. We put up the fence soon after we moved in some 30 years ago. While we have had a certain amount of "Maintenance" it is really amazing how well it has held up. We treated the 8 foot fence sections with a couple coats of preservative before putting them in place but have not put anything on them since. The 3-rails to which the "staves" are fastened were the first things that needed replacement. That was done by ripping treated 2x4's with an angle cut to encourage drainage. A couple of the posts have been replaced but by and large, it has been a very economical fence. We fully support the old adage that, "Good Fences make for Good Neighbors". (Even if this one doesn't keep out the cats)

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