Friday, April 27, 2012

Gateway Computer RIP

The old Gateway Computer and Monitor are loaded in the car trunk and will be taken down to Schrock Innovations for recycling tomorrow morning. We  bought it back in early 2001 along with a scanner, printer, speakers and the whole bit. It was state of the art at that time. The whole package cost $2,832.90. It was my pride and joy for many years as I could work on digital pictures, burn CD's etc. Son Jon helped me buy a HP replacement in the fall of '07 but I still kept the Gateway in operation for many things that I didn't transfer over. It finally got down to where I had hoped that Elaine might be able to use it as a Word Processor, but even that became more of a problem. When we noticed that Schrocks were accepting old computers and monitors, we decided the time had come. It served us well.

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