Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring in Nebraska

This picture was taken on Tuesday, April 21, 1992. It had started to snow on Monday as we came out of the Kiwanis meeting and continued through the night. Jon took Heather to a Brownies meeting and then joined us at Kitone practice for the first time. By the next morning we had 7" of snow. I was still doing some editing of the Soil Conservation Society  final Food Security Act Report. And, getting ready to fly to Washington, D.C. where I would join a USDA group for a mission to Hungary. Elaine had 12 white shirts ready for me to pack in my luggage. It warmed up the next day melting much of the snow and when I got to D.C. it was 80 degrees. While we had no threat of snow today, we were under a storm warning much of the day. The weather bureau predicted the strong possibility of  tornadoes in southeastern Nebraska as early as yesterday evening. So far we are not aware of any great damage but tornadoes have been spotted in the State. We have had 0.65" of rain along with thunder and lightning but no storms. We got run-in from the golf course about noon after getting on the green of our first hole. The Nebraska Spring Football game was cancelled due to the weather. Though many fans were disappointed, few would question the decision.

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