Friday, April 13, 2012

Congratulations Suhr & Lichty

We participated in the Suhr & Lichti Open House this afternoon, honoring them for their 50 years in the Insurance Business here in Seward. Don, wife Barbara, daughter Diane and son Mark are the principals of the Independent Company that "Fills the insurance needs of customers by knowing their circumstances". We have had our house and car coverage with Farmers Mutual through them since my Brother went out of the business several years ago. Don is pictured here along with Paul Hafemeister and Bob Imig when the 3 of them owned the Business. As Paul and Don moved on, Don took over the business, and, along with his family support, built it into what it is today. If ever there is any doubt as to why people like us come back to our Home Town after careers elsewhere, all they need to do is look at this picture and talk to people like Don Suhr. We literally grew-up with these folks and our relationship has always been one of TRUST. Paul was the local Building & Loan Secretary before getting into insurance and loaned us money to buy a house when we really needed it. Our dealings with Don have been most satisfactory over the years and we know he and his people will take care of our needs.  Trust is a great Stress reliever.

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