Saturday, April 28, 2012

CASA Annual Gala

The picture isn't very good but was taken without a flash at the CASA Melodrama at Concordia University Thursday evening. Lloyd Schulz (far right) is reading a Proclamation from the Commissioner officially naming Seward as the County seat of Seward County. The villain had attempted to "Steal the Seat" and establish Milford as the seat of County Government. The play was written by Nick Lee, a Concordia University senior whom we have know since his being a youngster growing up in the Methodist Church. Lloyd Schulz is a veteran of Melodrama having been in several years of performances in Goehner. He played the part of a "town drunk" (commissioner) to perfection. His facial expression and timing leaves nothing in doubt. The performance followed a good dinner and a "casino" setting of predinner activities. With a couple complementary "chips", I parlayed them into a sufficient number at the roulette wheel that our table won 1st prize, which we donated back to the CASA program. It was an entertaining evening.

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