Monday, April 9, 2012

SHS Baseball vs Pius X

The Pius X Thunderbolts Baseball team came out to Seward this evening to take on the SHS Bluejays. Our Grand Nephew, Tony McWilliams plays 3rd base and pitches for Pius. He is also a good hitter as demonstrated by his stance in the picture. He was instrumental in getting Pius off to a great start by hitting a sharp line drive into right field to  advance the runner and later score. He beat-out a "sacrifice" bunt the next time up and grounded out at his 3rd at-bat. He also made some great plays  with his strong arm at 3rd base. SHS didn't field a baseball team until a few years ago and they are in a "building" mode. Pius had a 7 or 8 run lead when I left after 3 innings. I don't know if a "Mercy rule" applies but it might have been appropriate. Seeing the SHS play baseball makes one again appreciate the level of play that the girls basketball team achieved during the past 4-5 years. Their exceptional level of talent, coaching, and commitment to the game only comes along once in a lifetime. I freely acknowledged that these girls could have beaten us Garland HS boys when I was on the team, but there is no doubt in my mind that we played better and could have beaten the current SHS boys baseball team. I also enjoyed visiting with MaryBeth, Dave, Ethan and his girlfriend at the game. 

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