Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Service Animals

I represent the City Council on the Seward Memorial Library Board as well as the Seward Senior Center Board. Both Boards meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month, the Library at 4:30pm and the Senior Board at 7:00pm. Both Boards are made up of dedicated volunteers and each member makes a very worthwhile contribution. An interesting discussion took place at the Library meeting concerning "Service Animals".  It seems that last week an "out-of-county" couple signed in to use the computer facilities only to find the lady had what she called a "Service Cat" on her lap. She was asked for any documentation on the cats status which she was unable to produce. After further discussion, the people left but it prompted the review of our animal policy. Our Library Director did considerable research at the State Library Commission, Federal and State law, etc. It appears that dogs (and in rare instances miniature horses) are the only animals recognized as "Service Animals". If a person who has no apparent need for a Service Dog enters the Library, they may be ask to explain what functions the animal will need to perform for them. This is an example of how the unreasonable actions of an individual can cause voluminous regulations.

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