Monday, April 2, 2012

Elaine & Persian Lilac

Elaine picked a bouquet of Persian Lilac  from our backyard over the weekend. They don't stay very well in a vase but they smell nice. This is a bush that was here on the lot when we bought the place 30 years ago but we did move it years ago. Our unseasonable weather continues with 88 degrees again today. Our flowering trees and shrubs are about a Month ahead of normal. However, the forecast is for a cold front to move across the State this evening and for more seasonable temperatures the rest of the week. We went to a funeral this morning and to Kiwanis this noon. Our program was on the Team Mates program which is very active in the Seward Schools. Elaine and I drove down to look at the Black Walnut grove that we planted 2-years ago and found the need for some replacements. I still have a few heeled-in in the backyard but will wait for a cooler day to do any transplanting. While at the Church this morning, I did  some pruning on the Red Oak tree that we planted up there 3 years ago and it's doing well.

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  1. Beautiful lilacs and lady too!!!! I love the smell - Larry's little Jose dwarf lilac is in full bloom - my others have buds - you've had warmer weather than we have had so your lilacs are ahead of ours this year! A very unusual weather for the midwest this year!