Friday, April 6, 2012

Small Group Experience

Early last fall we signed up to participate in one of the  "Small Groups" within our Church. Our text was "Parables from the Back Side" by J. Ellsworth Kalas. We met every couple weeks where we watched a short video of the chapters we had read and then had group discussion. The couple leading our group were recently retired school teachers and did an excellent job of stimulating meaningful discussion. As Lent approached we switched over to "Final Words from the cross" by Adam Hamilton and published by Abingdon Press, Copyright 2011. Elaine and I have completed reading both books and will have our final meeting Thursday evening, April 12th.  Elaine has had the benefit of being involved in her weekly Bible Study group where the Minister has led the discussion on chapters that paralleled what we had covered. The "Small Group" experience was not only beneficial from a religious educational  perspective but also had social benefits since we became well acquainted with some newcomers in the Church. I don't believe we will continue during the summer, but by next fall, we will probably be ready to again get involved. We have been so impressed with Bruce and Sue's leadership and hospitality, that I just hope we can get back in their "Group"

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