Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy Day in Seward

We didn't get our potatoes planted on Good Friday but  did get the seed potatoes cut up and put in the ground today. Elaine had watered the plot about a week ago and again today after planting so maybe they can catch up those 5 days. We did have a busy day. I went to coffee, prepared for the Bank Board meeting, met Charlie for a 11:30 tee time, got down to the Senior Center for the Accordion Jamboree, climbed the ladder to pick bag worms off the Blue Spruce tree, Elaine got her stoves switched (thats a story of its own), her brother Dale stopped as I was leaving for the Bank Board meeting, picked up our Income Tax from the accountant and got checks written, participated in a tribute to Dorris Marxhausen who has moved to Lincoln, and drove out to see the walls going up on Julie and John's new house. It was a full day. There were 5 button accordion players plus a drummer and tuba player at the Jamboree. There is nothing like the old Czech tunes played on accordions with Elmer Nemec on the Tuba to take you back to the time when Dad played the same tunes  in the same way. I knew bits and pieces of some of the songs Elmer sang. Some I learned from Dad but mostly from the days I worked with Gene Sloup. As I listened, I thought about the opportunity I lost by not taking full advantage of Gene's knowledge and his willingness to teach. While formal education is important, everyone should be open to learn from the people with whom they work and associate. You never know when that "new found knowledge" will be invaluable to you. 

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