Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Wedding Day

I wrote yesterday's blog page before going to the Bergan-McWilliams Wedding and scheduled its posting while we were gone. The "event" far exceeded even our high expectations. St. Joseph's Church is a beautiful facility. The Priest announced early that the alter clothe was provided by the Groom's Grandmother (Gladys) and was crocheted by her Grandmother. It was done originally for the Catholic Church in Bee, NE but when the new Church was build some years ago, it was no longer used. One of Gladys' friends was involved and was able to get it back to her. It is a beautiful item and a most appropriate clothe.
Alicia and Ethan took their vows in the presence of several attendants and a large group of family and friends. After the ceremony, the Wedding Party was transported to Nebraska Memorial Stadium for pictures and on to the Embassy Suites. A reception Dinner and Dance was held there in downtown Lincoln. Some 285 guest were served at a set down Dinner.  We utilized the time while pictures were being taken to visit the Sunken Gardens at 27th & "D" street. It is a City Park adjacent to the Zoo which has long been a "Garden" of beautiful floral displays and horticultural landscaping. It has been a few years since we visited the garden, and many attractive features have been added. It has a long history, back to when early improvements were made in Antelope Creek and Normal Boulevard was developed. I remember my folks taking us there as a family when I was a kid, which is a long time ago. 

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