Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bargen-McWilliams Wedding

By the time you read this, Alicia Marie Bargen and Ethan Ross McWilliams will be married. The Wedding was at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Lincoln, NE at 2:30pm today. Ethan is the Grandson of my brother Don and the son of Dave and MaryBeth (Vrana) McWilliams. We have watched Ethan "grow up" as a  good student, gifted athlete and on through an MBA to become the fine young man that he is today. We have only known Alicia for the past 2-3 years and have been very favorably impressed. They are a beautiful couple and we wish for them the health and happiness that will enable them to always be able to smile and show the affection for each other, as is witnessed by this picture. Elaine and I are very fortunate that we can feel as close to our extended family as we are. It continues our good decision to move back "home" after my federal retirement. The older we become, the more we enjoy and appreciate family. 

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