Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alex Gordon's Walk Off Homer

Alex Gordon hit one of the biggest home runs in his 7-year major league career last night to beat the Minnesota Twins 2-1. The Twins' Ricky Nolasko had held the Royals scoreless over the first 7 innings with only 3 hits. The Royals' Danny Duffy pitched 6 scoreless innings but Brian Doizer led off the 7th inning for the Twins and scored on Joe Mauer's single.  Burton set the Royals down in the 8th inning and the Twins were held scoreless in the 8th and the 9th. This set the stage for Alcides Escobar leading off the bottom of the 9th with a bloop single to right field off left-handed reliever Glen Perkins. Alex took a strike on Perkins first pitch and then hit a slider over the wall in right-center field for a walk-off home run. The announcers called it a "bloop and a blast". It came at a critical time for the American League Central Division leaders who had lost their two previous games;  their bats having gone dead after an exceptional run over the past 6-7 weeks. It was Alex's 16th HR of the season and his 1001 Major League game, all with the Royals. We saw Alex play 3rd base for UN-L Huskers where he was outstanding. His exceptional fielding ability today reflects many of the skills he learned as a 3rd baseman. But his hitting has improved after moving to left field. His salary is 4,775,000 this year, and my guess is that it may be much higher next year, especially if the Royals can beat the Washington Nationals in the World Series. 

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